Once upon a time during the spring of the year in the midwestern town of Hartville Ohio, a new experimental fertilizer, X-619, was being used on the vegetable (muck) farms near Swamp Road. One night the worst storm ever hit Hartville. Bolt after bolt of lightning struck the land. Millions and millions of volts of electricity mixed with the new experimental fertilizer, X-619. Some people believe this was the creation of the "Muck Monster".
There were sightings of the Muck Monster, almost always at night. People from all around wondered if the Muck Monster was friendly. Not only was the Muck Monster friendly but he was known to help in many needy causes.

Then one rainy night, "Boder" the dog was lost roaming around the muck farms. The Muck Monster found Boder and gently lifted him up and took him home. After that night, Boder the dog became the faithful companion to the Muck Monster.

It is said that Boder wears a red bandanna around his neck and is the only creature who knows where the Muck Monster lives near Swamp Road. Legend says that the Muck Monster and his faithful companion Boder the dog are still doing good deeds and spreading love everywhere.